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Moved out~ ♥

I no need to aunty here aunty there anymore ♥
I no need to help aunty jaga rumah anymore ♥
I no need to take care of those small kids anymore ♥
I no need to been kacau by that little hong hong anymore ♥
I no need to worry my thing will be spoiled by little hong hong anymore ♥
I no need to be a primary school "teacher" anymore ♥
Finally... I moved out from the house!!! XD
RynRyn~ T_T finally.... hahax
The most horrible time since I came to Kampar @_@
I come here for my study... ==" not for being your kid's 保姆
You didn't pay me for take care and teach your child
yet I still have to pay you the rental...
2 days later I'll go back to that house to take my RM20
after that... I will never step into there anymore! >_<

This few days really headache for those experiment reports @_@
make me really miss my secondary school so muchx
I like my fb status~ XD
Last time when got experiment report to do
I have RynRyn's and Sin's to copy XD
But now ev…

Y宝贝~ ♥

First test coming soon
If not mistaken will be started on next week
but I'm haven't start to ready for it @_@
yet I missed today's Physical Chemistry lecture class
[because of sleep over time xD]
and the thing that make me most shocked is
Youka and Xin Ying missed the same class
because of the same reason =_="
is this what we called 有默契? XD

I ♥ the new life here [Kampar, Perak]
I ♥ my new class here [Z Y1S1 6]
I ♥ my new friends here [...]
I ♥ my new classmates here [some guys I still don't know their names~]
I ♥ my new best friends here [YouKa and Xin YinG]
[I miss my 'old' best friends too xD]

-- Appreciate it --

♥ 替自己加油



还是Foundation in Science男生比较多
所以大致上算起来~全班女生都认识全班女生? XD
我知道这句话有点怪怪的~ 哈哈
最友好的莫过于我的两个Y宝贝~Youka & Ying[欣筠]
3个Practical Class都跟她们同组 ^_^V
在lecture hall“公然告白”~
建议你们下次不妨换个地点~就Block C Cafeteria~XD
那张纸还在我手上~别想威胁我哈~~ =D
然后还有--Chelgy, Jia Wen, Chia Yee, Jia Yee,迎欢和美金
交新朋友的感觉还真不错 =)
我惜 - 缘 ♥

Miss ♥

Tutorial and practical class started d
every week
I have 5 sets of tutorial questions
and 3 reports to be done T_T
I feel lazy
I feel lazy
LAZY~!!! >_<

Going to move out soon~
excited~ hehe ^_^ ♥

I miss
Miss my hometown ♥
Miss my sweet home ♥
Miss all my dear friends ♥
Miss my 3 best friends ♥
Miss my family ♥
Miss my mum ♥
so much so much...
once again
remember ur blog har~!! XD
MIMI also nah~ =P

Weekend ♥

Different with KB
at Kampar weekend is on Saturday and Sunday

Mum Friday afternoon came here by bus
stay at here 1 night
past 2 days spent my times with family
Friday night brought bro went CC =D
After CC 12 midnight supper with mum and dad~
yesterday went to Ipoh for lunch XD
...... ♥
Enjoy the time when family was around ♥

Today spent most of my time at CC @_@
Facebook~ Maple~ and XDO-ing~ hehe
Last week we just started our lecture class
so we have not much homeworks or assignment to do~
Tomorrow onwards tutorial and practical class will be started
@_@ I don't think after this I will have much free times
to spend on these things~

This 1-year foundation course is very important to me
hope that I can do it well~ and reach my target...

Start Study ♥

♥ Foundation in Science leading to Biomedical Science ♥
Subjects taken:
♥ Biology
♥ Chemistry
♥ Mathematic
✖ Physic
✖ Critical Thinking

The subject that I hate the most -- Physic
>_< GOSH! I tot I finally can stay far away from it already
but it is listed as 1 of my subjects taken +_+
I must score at least 3.5 for every test and 3.9/above for the final test
so that I can get scholarship for my degree
but now... with PHYSIC there
I'm not sure I can do it or not T_T
Critical Thinking @_@
I still don't know what is this
looking forward to it =D

My new study life at Kampar ♥
started on Monday(31/5)
Foundation in Science we have 24 groups
I'm in the 6th group (Z Y1S1 6)
[Sek in 23th while Viri in 24th]
this week we have only lecture class
6 groups combined study in 1 lecture hall @_@
Tutorial class and Practical class will be started on next week

University life ♥
-- Around 200 ppl in 1 lecture hall O__O
-- 4 books cost us about RM300 =_="
-- Must have a lab coat when entering lab which …