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♫ Wh0l3 d@y fr33 Tim3 ♫

Today sleep till 11am ++ just wake up~ (^v^)
whole day juz SMS-ing, MSN-ing, facebook-ing n SDO-ing
hehe~ oO~ gt some more
eating n drinking~ then go toilet~
hahahx... I think I'm wasting time... +_+
let it be bah~ hehe
Thursday gotta go car theory
sure very boring @_@

This few days received many messages n calls from friends
even on MSN n facebook also got a few
all asking about NS >_<
I'm really willing to help them
but keeps on repeating the same thing =_="
So sienZ~

Heard Mei said they still can't adapt themselves...
suddenly thought of myself... first day going to NS
just same like them bah~
scare... n miss home so muchx...
I even cried when going to the campsite n received call from mum
but lastly felt reluctant to go back~ haha
after adapt myself to the situation
I found that it was really enjoyable
I enjoy the activities~ doesn't care is physical or class
I make a lots of new friends~ doesn't care they are Chinese or Malays
n I met some one that treat me so good~ ^_^
I r…

✱ D@mN TiR3D ✱

My working days~~ Second day=Last day...
Luckily~ today no more promoting~ hehe (^-^)v
but more tired than yesterday >_<
standing whole day from 8.30am til 6pm...
just sit for 45 minutes during lunch break
My legs... I still want them de +_+
Today met quite many friends at Jom Heboh
NS's friends also~
some say they saw me but I didn't saw them~ hehe

It's a new experience for me
don't know can be counted as a great one or not +_+
bcoz it is really tiring
especially legs
and my hands...
'playing' in the ice
OMG~ damn pain!
nails also spoiled =_=
But at least I tested something new for me
and I knew that I really not suitable to be a promoter...
I really can't be a good promoter >_< hehe...

☀ TiRing w0Rk ☀

[M3 n my sIs]-[t@k3n duRinG br3@k f0r lUncH]

Today was a 'special' day for me =_="
first time working
first time being promoter...
promoting ribena...
OMG~ I'm really frustrated
when promoting those stupid package >_<
I rather packing or selling in front of the stall
felt disgrace +_+ when being rejected!!!

Damn hot whether...
I think I shouldn't complain so much
bcoz it was already much more better than NS~
+ got sooooo much ice some more =_=
first time I hate the ice...
it make my hands damn pain!
even til now...
still feeling....... >_<

Saw Mama Faridah at the Ribena stall
quite shock
don't even think that I would meet my NS camp's teacher
at Jom Heboh =_=
wearing uniform buying ribena~ hehe ^_^
suddenly miss PLKN Batu Jong so muchx~

2molo still gotta work~
I really don't want promoting anymore!!!!
Please please don't want to be in promoting group anymore~~!!!

--speechless--feeling down--moody--
--if u can't then u don't pro…

۩۞۩ Lyn's n3w h0m3 ۩۞۩

N3w p1ac3 f0r b10gging~
s@y g00dby3 t0 spaces~( ̄ˇ ̄)

Back from NS 2 weeks ++ dy~
finally I really home-ed +_+
went KL for 1 week n KT for another 1 week
it's a very enjoyable 'trip'~ hahahx =)

I miss all my schoolmates so much
very miss my NS's friends too~
n of course my dar also
really miss him so much...
after this all of us are going to leave here
for our future studies~
where are v going to?
how long the distance between us will be?
when will be the day v meet again?
do you know? I don't know... '_'